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Friday, June 17, 2011

grandma & grandpa visit

Well as they say who knows what might happen when the grandparent's are left in charge...

Yup better not to know!

It takes 2!

In this house if you have two people you are already up adults to kids... well at least in terms of attitude!

Two hands. Helping Jackson feed himself!

 Kisses all around!

Grandma rocking 2 ! She has perfected it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our new stroller...

It is summer... well it is warm enough to be out side in Michigan.

We are outside! Yeah! 
Chloe is less than impressed and Jackson is ready to go!

New feeding Table

Thanks Grandpa... We got a new feeding table and isn't it awesome. So much better than high chairs.

 We are trying to get the hang of it!

 Rice crackers.... Yum

 Where did my bottle go? 

Hysterical. This is what people with out multiples miss... All this fun :)

Trip to Cincy

yup... we decided to try a trip to Cincinnati... We did a great job on the way down. Slept almost the whole way and then on the way back... not so well but working on it.

 Jackson & Kay... Who is happiest??? Yes there are three Mr. Samuels.. see for yourself!
 Kimmy & Ellaina

 Yeah.. us... Kim looks awesome. Seriously.. Me well i have an excuse or well 3 actually...

 and Chloe is out!
 Chloe 7& uncle Gary
 Great Grandma & Ellaina
 Robbie, Barb and the girls!
 Ellaina's backwards outfit... Thanks Daddy!

All of us.. Generations together all at once... Not to mention a few in Michelle's belly!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eat, Play, Sleep

Let me just give you an idea of food at this house... Well not even food just bottles... 
See the photo below? This is only two day's worth of nipples and bottle lids... Yes 2 days. All of this. Not kidding... Come on over. Wait till you see the bottle line up. Not to mention we are eating solid foods now so their are bowls, spoons, and of course messy faces. 

 Happy 7 months old kiddos... We have all survived!

 Some happy some sad! 

 Story Time... We love Dr. Seuss! When we actually pay attention...

This next section is titled... where we fall asleep... 
Survey says...(yup been watching Family Feud to much)
  Playing on the Playmat

 Feeding ourselves our bottles...

Feed me i am starving... It has been 2 hours since i ate... 

 And i cannot even finish my sweet potatoes!

And dinner is over for Chloe.